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The Problem

"Technology was supposed to make it easier to keep track of your schedule, but somehow, things have gotten a little complicated. With so many different calendars and to-do lists to keep track of, how are you supposed to focus on what actually needs to get done?"


HeadsUp: GO!

If you want someone to do something for you, use HeadsUp.

Hey! HeadsUp is the first free platform to allow you to schedule text messages, phone calls, emails, and alerts in order to remind others of the things they need to do. You can schedule messages, voice recordings, or even pictures and have them sent to any device, even if they don't have HeadsUp!

Simply enter a phone number, an email, or another username to schedule a HeadsUp for someone else. You can remind those with a smartphone or even a flip phone!

Without the need of complex privacy mechanisms or confusing shared calendars, HeadsUp allows your family, friends, and colleagues to drop tasks and reminders right onto your calendar without exposing your schedule.

HeadsUp: GO! is an upcoming kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to power this service for everyday people and to create an affordable platform that businesses can use to supercharge their scheduling needs.

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Let others remind you.

Meetings, events, tasks, chores - almost everything we do in a day is either for someone else, because of someone else, or with someone else.

So then why are we stuck managing everything on our own?

Competing solutions (looking at you Google Calendar, iCal, etc.) stress the ease of adding tasks to one's schedule, however, people just don't have the time or the will to manage their digital calendars.

HeadsUp empowers your family, friends, and colleagues to schedule text, phone call, and alert based reminders so that you can spend less time worrying about your schedule and more time finishing the things you have to do.

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About Image
  • The personal assistant you didn't know you had.

    Ask those around you to send you a HeadsUp to remind you of the things you have to do. HeadsUp will ensure to remind you when your tasks become important.

  • Send reminders in a variety of different ways.

    HeadsUp lets you send text-based, voice-based, and picture-based reminders. You can receive these reminders via text, phone call, email, and more.

  • Download the app today!

    Get Hey! HeadsUp on the app store today and free yourself from your schedule.

HeadsUp for You

Personalized Reminders

HeadsUp will notify you based on your preferences.

  • HeadsUp can notify you
  • HeadsUp can text you
  • HeadsUp can call you
  • HeadsUp can email you

Future Reminders

Use HeadsUp to be reminded of time-sensitive events.

  • Bills
  • Meetings
  • Birthdays
  • Medicine

Ask. Forget. Remember.

Don't let the monkey inside your brain take control of you.

  • Simply ask: "Can you send me a HeadsUp?"
  • 15 seconds, and it's done
  • Focus on what's important
  • HeadsUp will remind you when it's time

HeadsUp for Your Business


  • Step 1 Learning

    We will first learn your scheduling needs in order to to build the right solution for your business.
    From appointments to medical alerts, HeadsUp has a scheduling solution for you.

  • Step 2 Reminder Flow

    We will work with you to create the most affordable and most effective mode of communication between you and your customers.
    The use of text messages, phone calls, emails, apps, or custom notifications will create an active channel betwen your business and your customers.

  • Step 3 Development

    We will create customized websites/apps to help create a stronger online presence.

  • Step 4 Deployment

    We will maintain and mange your HeadsUp solution. To hlep bring customers, we will also provide integration with our app and feature your solution on our website.

Product Integration

  • Step 1 Product Breakdown

    From hospitals to restaurants we will create solutions that integrate with your existing systems. We will work towards developing a solution that solves all your scheduling needs.

  • Step 2 System Integration

    Businesses should never be forced to adopt unfamiliar systems. Every HeadsUp-based solution will be designed to work within existing businesses structures and will be customized to match the needs of its customers. These solutions can go beyond reminders.

  • Step 3 Customization and Design

    Solutions may have custom modules that are tailored to your specifications. These can also be customized to match the look and feel of your business and its brand.

  • Step 4 Active Support

    We will offer 24 hour email support and will actively monitor your custom solutions for speed & consistency.

Licensing & API

  • Step 1 Contact & Registration

    If you would like to license a custom solution or use our API then contact us about our HeadsUp Partner Program.
    We currently offer licensing for business solutions developed by us & will offer a HeadsUp API in the future.

  • Step 2 License Agreement

    In order to license a custom business solution you will have to agree to our licensing policies coordinate the costs of obtaining HeadsUp licenses with your clients.

  • Step 3 Custom Module Design

    We can build custom sites, mobile apps, or modules that your business can then license and sell to other businesses. You will need a license for every business that uses these tools.

  • Step 4 Usage & Growth

    We will provide tools to monitor the growth and usage of your custom scheduling solutions. We can offer advanced analytics if needed, as long as the requested information falls within our privacy guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate to a future kickstarter?

Short Answer: To keep it free!

We need to raise support in order to create the infrstructure necessary to handle all of our users & to maintain costs. HeadsUp is powered in large by the businesses that need it!

I already use -----, why HeadsUp?

In a day we spend so much time thinking/ managing the things we have to do. If everything we do is usually for someone else, why can't they remind us?

Hey! HeadsUp is about people reminding you so that you can keep your mind clear.
See what others are saying about us!

Can you build an affordable scheduling solution for my business?

Yes! We build affordable, custom scheduling solutions for businesses and their customers. Please contact us to learn more.

How do I maintain my privacy?

Someone can only remind you if they have your contact information. You will be notified when someone is going to remind you, and you can choose to block that reminder or that person.

If you are a non-user, we will never send product or company endorsements. To all non-users, a HeadsUp is a non-commercial, informational message.

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Call us: +1 (844)-505-4337

Help us get funded!

Hey! HeadsUp was initially developed by two high school students to solve a problem they saw everyday. Many companies, big and small, have tried to make schedule management & coordination easier for us. We just don't have the time to manage our schedules.

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